A few words…

Since 1996, Eddy Winding has earned a reputation in Spain and USA for his artistic photography and digital media creations. Since 2011, Eddy Winding is established in Denmark expanding his artistic imagination with his photography and digital media content.

Eddy Winding certainly promises a unique blend of passion and essence, granting us with his danish & spanish origins. Eddy comes from a family of Artists: Danish ballet dancer Annette Winding as mother; Studio musician and Record Producer as father; Songwriters and Singers Kasper Winding and Alberte Winding, and Musicians Kaj Winding and Jay Winding.

As proof of excellence, Eddy Winding has accomplished Production Services for european well known fashion designers servicing locations, make-up artists, models, runners and assisting DOP on locations in South Spain. Along his years of experience, Eddy has touched various industry sectors within the photography business such as Still Productions, Glamour, Fashion & Catalogs, Models & Castings, Commercial, Food, and also dealt with the adult industry.

On a day to day basis, Eddy Winding can be found somewhere in Copenhagen at a cozy Kafé sipping on a double “cortado”, sharing his never ending and amazing experiences around the world.  Eddy works as a Sports Injury Therapist and Masseur, and has his own clinic in Copenhagen-by-the-lakes.  But if you don’t find him in neither one of these places in Copenhagen, he might be riding his motorcycle on his way up to the North Cape strolling along the fjords of Norway.

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